Faster Shipping!

Now get faster shipping through UPS on most orders!
Faster Shipping!

Good news my friends!!  We have made the switch to ship almost all (excluding PO Boxes, AK and HI orders) of our packages via UPS!!  Say hello to more reliable tracking and faster delivery times!  We are thrilled about being able to offer this higher level of service to you. 

Yes it's more expensive but it's a price we are willing to eat so that you can get your orders faster.  We live in a time with next day shipping from Amazon and everyone wants all of their packages in a hurry.  And while we certainly can't compete with that - we knew we could do better than what USPS was offering.

We know shipping has been a huge hurdle this year.  We've seen delays like we've never seen before.  Tracking that doesn't get updated, and the delivery times on some of your packages... what a mess!  It's been super frustrating for you and me both!  

We hope that by making the switch to UPS it will increase your trust in us and help you see that we are always trying to improve and make ourselves better.