4 Benefits to Kids Coloring

4 Benefits to Kids Coloring

When I started this business I never thought of all the great benefits to coloring.  I honestly just thought it would be fun to have a business where we make huge coloring sheets.

Well it turns out that coloring has some amazing benefits that every child and adult could benefit from!

Did you know that coloring improves Confidence and Self Esteem?

Completing a project makes kids feel good about themselves!  When you complete a task (even a coloring sheet!) it builds your self esteem.  And when parents get involved to compliment their kids work it's a double whammy!  kids thrive on that good positive attention and their confidence grows.

It also Stimulates Creativity!

Coloring lets our brains go into a creative mode.  This is so important for our development.  Our imagination is free to think of new ideas, to wonder and explore as we color.  Brainstorming and story telling become more alive.

Coloring can be Therapeutic and Relieve Stress!

Coloring allows us to focus on what is happening right now.  To be in the moment.  It helps eliminate stress as we center ourselves on the current project and let go of other troubles. Coloring is a calming activity and the best part is that anyone can do it and receive the benefits!  

Yes, it also improves Motor Skills.

Coloring helps improve fine motor skills (especially in young children) as they learn to hold crayons, and create the movement required to color. Developing these fine motor skills will help children be more successful as they learn to write and type later on.

Most kids love to color, and it turns out that it's actually good for them do it!  Giving kids the time to color will benefit them (and you!) in so many ways.  

Happy coloring friends!

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