Meet our Team!
      We started making coloring sheets several years ago when we got tired of printing coloring pages off the internet for our kids.  So we had a thought... if we create a huge coloring sheet that could be colored for days, would that be a game changer??  Well it turned out to be an ingenious idea and our kids loved it along with thousands of other kids who color our sheets!  Why do we make them so huge?!  Because bigger is better, it grabs the kids attention right away and keeps them engaged.
We love the time spent together gathered around the table sharing stories, laughing and creating memories.  Coloring is great for developing fine motor skills, it relieves stress, and improves focus.  And hey, coloring's not just for kids!
We can only speak for ourselves but finding activities that don't involve electronics are always a winner at our house.  
Did you know that we design all of our coloring and activity sheets in house?  They are printed and shipped from Utah and we are proud to say that all our materials are sourced in the USA.
Our kids still excited every time we bring out a new design and we know yours will love them too!