Easy Home Made Piñata

Easy Home Made Piñata

Today is Cinco De Mayo and when I came across this cute piñata idea from somewhatsimple.com I knew I had to share it with you!  Isn't this a fun project!  The best part is how easy it is.  And you might even have the supplies needed on hand already!

The instructions are pretty simple!

  • Get a paper bag 
  • Colorful strips of tissue paper.  Cut along the edges for the fringed look.
  • Tape or Glue the strips to the bag
  • Secure a string for hanging
  • Fill with candy!  Keep in mind that more candy=heavier bag.  Your string may not be able to hold up.  Use a cup or so of candy for small bags.  

Easy for small kids to break open!  I love how colorful it is and how fast it could be completed.  Tiny but a big impact for any celebrating you might be doing today or any other time!  Pair this with our Cinco de Mayo sheet and taco and you're all set!

Have fun!